To Have and to Hold by Fern Michaels

To Have and to Hold

Fern Michaels
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Bestselling author Fern Michaels has won the hearts of readers worldwide with her sweeping novels of women coping with the challenges of love. In “To Have and to Hold, ” she tells the compelling story of a woman who harnesses tragedy and grows courageously—strong, independent, and free to love.
It is 1970 and Kate Starr is the perfect wife and the perfect mother. But soon after her husband leaves for Vietnam, he is listed as MIA. Suddenly Kate must raise their two daughters by herself and struggle with the U.S. government to get news of her husband. Her fight to be heard is the beginning of a new Kate Starr. Twenty years later, she has educated herself, started a successful business, and finally found love again—in this incredibly moving novel that traces the awakening of a remarkable woman who learns that sometimes in order to keep love in our hearts, we have to let it go.

Publisher Description

The year is 1970, and Kate Starr wants to be the perfect wife and mother. Her husband Patrick is her whole world when he departs for a tour of duty in Vietnam. But when he is listed MIA, Kate must rely on herself for the first time in her life. It is an uphill struggle—emotionally, physically, financially. But the the fight to find out more information about her husband inspires her to do more, to gain more confidence, to fight until she has gotten some answers. And as Kate discovers she has talents and intelligence, she discovers a new kind of love, too.

Author Biography

Fern Michaels lives with her five dogs in a restored plan

Fern Michaels lives with her five dogs in a restored plantation house in South Carolina. She is a “New York Times” betation house in South Carolina. She is a “New York Times” bestselling author. stselling author.

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To Have and to Hold