The Veiled Lady by Francis Hopkinson Smith

The Veiled Lady

Francis Hopkinson Smith
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  • ISBN
    9781425090111 / 1425090117
  • Title The Veiled Lady
  • Author Francis Hopkinson Smith
  • Category Short Stories
  • Format
    EasyRead Large Edition
  • Year 2006
  • Pages 400
  • Publisher Ltd
  • Imprint Ltd
  • Dimensions 197mm x 254mm


After careful observation of his surroundings, Smith has come up with this amazing collection of short stories. Charming tales that picturesquely depict nature and wild life are a part of this anthology. With beautifully drawn characters and well-knitted plots, each story is a marvel in its own right.

Author Biography

Francis Hopkinson Smith was a noted American story-teller and artist. He had an innate talent of picturesquely depicting natural beauty. His unique style is still enjoyed by readers the world over.

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The Veiled Lady