Gestapo Hunters by G.C. Wakefield

Gestapo Hunters

G.C. Wakefield
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In 1943, evil wears a long leather coat and red swastikas and spreads terror throughout the world as members of the Danish Resistance find themselves in a vortex of violence and espionage, constantly matching wits with the ruthless German Gestapo.

The Resistance convinces twenty-eight- year-old Danish war widow Margo Schoenemann to go undercover in a race to prevent the Nazis from obtaining vital atomic research from world-renowned atomic physicist Niels Bohr and to thwart the Gestapo's efforts to destroy the Danish underground. A waitress at a diner frequented by the Nazis, she can cultivate important contacts. To secure the future of Denmark, she works for the Gestapo by day, and the Resistance by night.

As the contest reaches its climax, the patriot's only hope rests in a fearless group of Allied airmen who would become known as the Gestapo Hunters. It falls to RAF officer Ted Grayson to overcome personal tragedy and lead a handful of daring airmen on a climatic raid to rescue Resistance leaders and to crush the Gestapo threat in Denmark.

“The Gestapo Hunters” embarks on a cataclysmic and daring retelling of true events at a time when the world was on fire and evil strutted across Europe.

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Gestapo Hunters