Hymns Made Easy for Piano Book 1 by Gail Smith

Hymns Made Easy for Piano Book 1

Gail Smith
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  • ISBN
    9780786668823 / 0786668822
  • Title Hymns Made Easy for Piano Book 1
  • Author Gail Smith
  • Category Songbooks
  • Format
  • Year 2003
  • Pages 23
  • Publisher
    Mel Bay Publications
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 172mm x 2mm x 278mm


These twenty hymns for the beginning piano student are arranged in the easiest position, with both thumbs on middle C. There are some simple harmony and contrary motion, and the smallest rhythmic unit is an eighth note. As students progress through the book, the pieces start to use accidentals, which are written in as needed rather than in a key signature. Gradually, they are introduced to stretches and crossovers, key signatures up to three flats, and time signatures other than 4/4. Lyrics are included. Recommended for hymn playing by the Federation of Music Clubs.

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Hymns Made Easy for Piano Book 1