The Angel Chronicles: Book One: Angel in the Darkness by Gd Thompson Sr

The Angel Chronicles: Book One: Angel in the Darkness

Gd Thompson Sr
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Disguised as fiction, The Angel Chronicles takes you to a world undiscovered...the real world and a world of personal discovery. It chronicles the life of Rene Thomas Colby. Just a man or so he thought. Until he discovers how to start believing and understanding his feelings for what he feels at the deepest reaches of his heart. He battles problems of the mind, fears, and doubts to discover what he doubted was his truth and the truth of so many. Through his trials and tribulations, he discovers the one thing he had lost for so long...his heart. On his journey of self-discovery, he finds out there is another like him, only she doesn't realize the journey in which she is partaking. It becomes a battle to aid her into coming out of the darkness as he is attempting. He realizes a mission. If she could only open up to the truth and gather the knowledge, he tries to give her. She too might really enjoy her purpose and, that she actually has purpose and her existence accounts for something in the multitudes of what is abnormal. In addition, just how important she really is to the souls of FS-3. Can Rene find the strength to understand his feelings? Will Rene seek to fight for those who really need him? Can Rene bring her out of the darkness while he too stands in that darkness? Can he find a way to understand its limits, walk out of that darkness, and be the abnormal thing he knows deep down he is? Can he find the strength to admit it and believe it without doubting his heart again?

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The Angel Chronicles: Book One: Angel in the Darkness