At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald

At the Back of the North Wind

George MacDonald
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A classic children's story written in England in 1871, this enchanting fairy tale follows a sweet little stable boy in Victorian London who goes on adventures with the majestic North Wind. She is personified as a lovely and mysterious woman, both severe and kind, who teaches young Diamond about herself on their journeys. The innocent, perceptive Diamond is caught up by this powerful entity, and he acts as the perfect character for MacDonald to acknowledge social injustice, explore the place of death in the lives of human beings, and realize the deep need we have for love and forgiveness. MacDonald poignantly addresses questions and fears that all humankind must face in this insightful landmark in children's literature. Ultimately he uncovers the core of our deepest needs and their origin in eternity.

Author Biography

Michael Phillips has written four dozen books, most of them novels, with sales totaling over five million copies. He also has edited George MacDonald novels for today's reader, including, The Curate of Glaston. He and his wife make their home in Eureka, California.

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At the Back of the North Wind