So That’s Where I Came from by Gina Dawson

So That’s Where I Came from

Gina Dawson
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So That's Where I Came from will answer every question about the facts of life. Straightforward, up-to-date and inclusive, read it with your child and enjoy the time learning together.

Publisher Description

As the Director of Family Life in South Australia Gina Dawson has years of experience teaching the facts of life to children. This book was written in response to requests from parents for a book that explains those facts to children in a simple and direct way. Although it is essentially about reproduction, and those facts have not changed, any child reading So That's Where I Came From will be reassured to find themselves in it— adopted, fostered, living with a grandparent, with two mothers or two fathers be they step parents or same sex. All children will see this book as an affirmation of their family.

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So That’s Where I Came from