The Industrial Design Reader by Gorman

The Industrial Design Reader

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  • ISBN
    9781581153101 / 1581153104
  • Title The Industrial Design Reader
  • Author Gorman
  • Category Product Design
    History Of Art / Art & Design Styles
  • Format
  • Year 2003
  • Pages 243
  • Publisher
    Allworth Press
  • Imprint Allworth Press,U.S.
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 153mm x 17mm x 232mm


With input from a diverse range of industry experts/designers, theorists, critics, historians, and curators, this anthology is the first to focus exclusively on the history of industrial design. This pioneering guide traces the entire history of industrial design, industrialization, and mass production from 1850 until today. Sixty comprehensive essays written by designers, theorists, advertisers, historians, and curators detail the most crucial movements, issues, and accomplishments of industrial design. They combine news reports on the very first design workshops, aesthetic manifestos, lectures, and more from the biggest names in the field: William Morris. Henry Dreyfuss, and Victor Papanek, to name only a few. The Industrial Design Reader is an excellent resource for educators, students, and practicing designers.

Publisher Description

This pioneering anthology focuses exclusively on the history of industrial design. Sixty full-length primary source essays detail the most crucial movements, issues and accomplishments of industrial design. Written by a wide range of experts - designers, theorists, critics, advertisers, historians and curators - the book traces the history of industrial design, industrialization and mass production in the United States and other design centres from 1850 to the present day. The book combines news reports on the first design workshops, early reviews of household products, aesthetic manifestos, excerpts from socio-economic debates on mass production and lectures into a lively overview of this dynamic field. The texts were selected according to criteria such as canonicity, notoriety of the writer, pithiness and entertainment value and include key texts from visionaries such as William Morris, Henry Dreyfuss and Victor Papanek. Edited by an expert on industrial design history, the book provides educators, students and practitioners of industrial design a unique one-stop reading experience and resource.

Author Biography

Carma Gorman teaches industrial design at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and has been published in numerous industry periodicals.

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The Industrial Design Reader