The Art of Teaching Science by Grady Venville

The Art of Teaching Science

Grady Venville and Vaille Dawson
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  • ISBN
    9781741142174 / 1741142172
  • Title The Art of Teaching Science
  • Author Grady Venville and Vaille Dawson
  • Category Science: General Issues
  • Format
  • Year 2005
  • Pages 212
  • Publisher
    Allen & Unwin Academic
  • Imprint Allen & Unwin
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 155mm x 15mm x 227mm


Ideas for exciting and effective classroom instruction are revealed in this thorough and research-based introduction to teaching science. Secondary school teachers learn how to combine their knowledge of science with teaching methods that make the classroom a dynamic and collaborative place. Methodology and theory are also discussed in terms of controversies relating to science, equity, and integration. Lesson plans, lab and electronic resources, and assessment measurements are also provided to give this introduction practical value to current or aspiring science teachers.

Publisher Description

a very welcome addition to the resources science teachers (including those preparing to teach) have to draw on to improve the quality of the science learning of their students. The authors have done an excellent job of interpreting how a number of the exciting ideas and teaching strategies that we know from recent research can lead to better learning of science.' Peter J. Fensham, Emeritus Professor of Science Education, Monash University The editors have assembled a group of enlightened science educators to share their passion for teaching. Each chapter highlights ways in which teachers can make their teaching effective, exciting and satisfying.' Gary Thomas, President, Australian Science Teachers' Association Science teaching is an art that requires a unique combination of knowledge and skills to engage students and foster their understanding. This book is a thorough introduction with its finger firmly on the pulse of the challenges of the science classroom. The Art of Teaching Science presents science teaching as a dynamic, collaborative activity and explores recent changes in the theory underlying excellent science teaching.
Chapters on planning, teaching approaches, resources, and assessment cover the key elements of practical science education. Controversial issues in science, equity and integration across the curriculum are also addressed. Teachers are encouraged to maximise the potential of electronic and traditional resources both in and out of the lab to engage their students. Written by leading science educators and incorporating classroom examples and activities, The Art of Teaching Science explores the main issues science teachers face today.

Review excellent selection of Australian science educators are represented by the book.Debra Panizzon, School Of Education, University of New England

Author Biography

Vaille Dawson is senior lecturer of science education at Edith Cowan University. Grady Venville is a professor of science education at the University of Western Australia. Both have extensive experience as teacher educators and are the editors of “The Art of Teaching Science,”

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  • Great book on science teaching. So enjoyable to read and follow. I appreciate its 'to the point' approach. Recommended

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The Art of Teaching Science