Saints of Rush Lake by Greg Klein

Saints of Rush Lake

Greg Klein
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The days were filled with boating, fishing and exploring. The nights were bonfires and ghost stories, chase games, and night swimming. Parents usually gathered to mix drinks and play cards well into the night. That made it easier for us to play on the large lawn in front of Harman's cabins, usually until late in the cooled night when the dew started to gather and the stars seemed to be so large and bright you could jump and reach them. This is where we usually had bonfires and told ghost stories. Some of my early childhood crushes were sparked with young girls from far away places vacationing at the lake. Some barely knew my name and the rest I only knew as a passing friend and a face across a fire that mesmerized a young heart for a few days during the summer. Those nights and faces are a distant memory now, but will remain a part of me forever. Sometimes while talking with friends about my childhood, I describe how fun-filled mine were and most of it revolved around those special times.

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Saints of Rush Lake