Building Small Boats by Greg Rossel

Building Small Boats

Greg Rossel
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  • ISBN
    9780937822500 / 0937822507
  • Title Building Small Boats
  • Author Greg Rossel
  • Category Boating
  • Format
  • Year 1998
  • Pages 278
  • Publisher
    Wooden Boat Publications
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 219mm x 25mm x 288mm


For years Greg has been teaching the fundamentals here at our WoodenBoat School. Greg's talent for relaying this experience into the written word has resulted in a text with a straight-forward friendly approach, including helpful drawings and photographs. The combination will drive-home the lessons. Building Small Boats is the ideal book for the construction of boats under 25 feet in length. It's perfect for folks looking to have some of the mysteries of the building process peeled away, or just boning-up on a good technique or two. This book has fast become a best-seller. A classic in the making.

Author Biography

Greg Rossel is the author of “Building Small Boats”, coauthor of “Kayaks You Can Build”, and a long-time contributor to “WoodenBoat” magazine.

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Building Small Boats