What If... by Gwen W. Morgan

What If...

Gwen W. Morgan
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WHAT IF something unexpected should happen to you ... a fire, a flood, a death? Does your family know about your finances, where your important documents are, your final wishes, your family medical history? Too often we wait until it is TOO LATE to get our affairs in order; we think 'nothing is going to happen to me' How many of us have gone through the experience of a family member who died and did not have their estate in order ... it can be a nightmare Drawing from her experience with Hospice and Elder Care, in 2005 Gwen Morgan was inspired to write the What if (*NOTE: What if should be in italics) ... Workbook. The What if ... (*NOTE: What if should be in italics) Workbook is a comprehensive, easy to use guide for putting your affairs in order. By filling out the Workbook, you are providing your loved ones with the necessary information they need should anything happen to you. The Workbook includes, but is not limited to: financial information personal contacts location of documents burial vs. cremation care for pets family medical history special gifts for loved ones thinking about legacy and more The Workbook was written with 3 goals in mind: 1. Fill out the Workbook, thus giving The Gift of Preparedness to Your Loved Ones, while you are of sound mind and body. 2. Communicate to your family/loved ones that you have filled out the What if (*NOTE: What if should be in italics) ... Workbook and where the book is located. If possible, sit with your family and go through the Workbook together, thus learning about each other and the ideals that are important to you. 3. When you think about your end, hopefully this will encourage you to live your life more fully Live each day to the fullest, acknowledging that our time here on this beautiful earth is precious, and meant to be lived with joy, kindness, and service to others.

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What If...