A History of the Vikings by Gwyn Jones

A History of the Vikings

Gwyn Jones
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An illustrated study of the northern peoples and kingdoms of Ireland, Greenland, Britain, and Christian Europe and their culture, society and livelihood. Illustrations.

Publisher Description

“An utterly splendid book, quite the most brilliantly written, balanced, and explanative general work on the Vikings ever to appear in English or in any language.”— Scandinavian Studies
The subject of this book is the Viking realms, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, their civilization and culture, and their many sided achievements at home and abroad.
A highly readable narrative follows the development of these Northern peoples—the Nordmenn—from their origins and the legendary pre-history to the military triumphs of Canute and the defeat of Harald Hardr di at Stamford Bridge in 1066, which symbolically ended the Viking age.
The book recounts the Vikings' exploits in war, trade, and colonization: the assault on Western Christendom; the trading and military ventures to the Slav and Muslim worlds and to Byzantium; and the western voyages of discovery and settlement to Greenland, Iceland, and America.
Numerous photographs, maps, and drawings contribute to Gwyn Jones's rounded portrait of Viking civilization and vividly evoke the importance in their culture of religion, art, and seafaring.

“Excellent revision and useful for both graduates and undergraduates.”—Benjamin T. Hudson, Pennsylvania State University“In this revised edition of his 1968 volume, hailed as the definitive study of the three hundred years during which Scandinavians changed the face of medieval Europe, Jones has updated his text to incorporate the latest scholarly findings from both Europe and North America.”—The PhiladelphiaInquirer“Excellent survey - in-depth and well balanced.”—Cassandra Potts, Middlebury College

Author Biography

Gwyn Jones is Emeritus Professor of English Language and Literature, University College, Cardiff

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A History of the Vikings