Photoshop Darkroom by Harold Davis

Photoshop Darkroom

Harold Davis and Phyllis Davis
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  • ISBN
    9780240812595 / 024081259X
  • Title Photoshop Darkroom
  • Author Harold Davis and Phyllis Davis
  • Category Photo & Image Editing
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 208
  • Publisher
    Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • Imprint Focal Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 230mm x 234mm


Offers step-by-step directions that show you real-world examples of how to achieve the results you want from your photography and post-processing. This title helps you to: learn how to work with RAW image files; understand the Photoshop darkroom workflow; multi-process RAW files; and, create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images by hand.

Publisher Description

explaining each step in detail. Full-color, gorgeous images provide the

Author Biography

Harold Davis is an award-winning professional photographer. He is the best-selling author of more than 30 books, including The Photoshop Darkroom 2: Creative Digital Transformations (Focal Press), Creative Porraits: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley), Creative Black & White: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley), Creative Composition: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley), Creative Night: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley), Creative Close-Ups: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley), The Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post-Processing (Focal Press) and Practical Artistry: Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers (O'Reilly). Harold writes the popular Photoblog 2.0, , and is a regular photography and Photoshop columnist for, a photography site with more than one million members. Harold is a popular presenter on a wide range of digital photography and Photoshop topics. His workshops are sought after and often sold out. In addition to writing and photography, Harold has been a software engineer, an enterprise technology consultant, and an Internet company executive. Photographic adventures and assignments have taken him across the Brooks Range, the northernmost mountains in Alaska. He has photographed the World Trade Towers, hanging out of a small plane, followed in the footsteps of Seneca Ray Stoddard, a 19th-century photographer of the Adirondacks, and created human interest photo stories about the residents of Love Canal, an environmental disaster area. Harold is well known for his night photography and experimental ultra-long exposure techniques, use of vibrant, saturated colors in landscape compositions, and beautiful creative floral imagery. He is inspired by the flowers in his garden, hiking in the wilderness, and the work of great artists and photographers including M.C. Escher, Monet, van Gogh, and Edward Weston. Phyllis Davis is a graphic designer and writer. Her design credits include many books, posters, advertisements, and Internet projects. Phyllis is the author of more than twenty books on topics that range from elementary algebra to image editing software such as The Gimp and Photoshop. As a writer, she is well known for her ability to break complex topics down into easy to follow, simple steps. Phyllis has a deep interest in education. She believes in working “smarter, not harder,” and that learning happens most when it is fun. She has followed her interest in unconventional educational strategies as a writer, trainer, and course developer. Phyllis was trained as a classical bassoonist. She is a winner of the Prix de Paris, and holds both a MM degree from Manhattan School of Music and a Diplome Superiuer d'Execution from the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris.

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Photoshop Darkroom