Henry Lawson - Stories and Poems

Henry Lawson - Stories and Poems

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  • ISBN
    9781742571850 / 1742571859
  • Title Henry Lawson - Stories and Poems
  • Author
  • Category Educational: English Literature
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 112
  • Publisher
    New Holland Publishers
  • Imprint New Holland Publishers

Publisher Description

All the best-known favourite poems and stories with delightful illustrations by Dee Huxley bring the characters alive. From The Drovers Wife and the Loaded Dog, to Ballad of the Drover and The Heart of the Swag this charming collection brings the bush ballads to life. With over 15 stories and 40 poems, 20 full colour plates are included along with black and white illustrations throughout.

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Henry Lawson - Stories and Poems