Henry Lawson in New Zealand

Henry Lawson in New Zealand

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Australia's best-known writer Henry Lawson nearly became a New Zealander. Lawson made three trips to “Maoriland”, the first in 1894 in time to celebrate women voting for the first time in history, the last to teach at a Maori school in a remote and tiny settlement in the South Island. Lawson left after finding “the noble savage a fraud” and New Zealanders “a narrow paltryminded dogin-the manger lot”, but later remembered that the “most pleasant days of his life were spent on an old telegraph line in New Zealand” and that he was “inclined to prefer it to all the colonies”. The stories, sketches and poems in this collection record his enthusiasm and despair, and capture a time before Australian federation when the colonies on both sides of Tasman were closer than they would ever be again.

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Henry Lawson in New Zealand