The Chloe Files #2: Sliver of Darkness by Howard Howard

The Chloe Files #2: Sliver of Darkness

Howard Howard and Howard Hopkins
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  • ISBN
    9780578003603 / 0578003600
  • Title The Chloe Files #2: Sliver of Darkness
  • Author Howard Howard and Howard Hopkins
  • Category Horror & Ghost Stories
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 188
  • Publisher
    Golden Perils Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 11mm x 229mm


Who knows what crimes cripple the minds of the guilty? Brant Lamont's acting career was on a downhill slide, then one night after a performance he vanished. Was he dead? Alive? Forty years later still no one knows what became of the mercurial actor...or the rising starlet who'd become his mistress. It was as if they'd both walked off the face of the earth. Until Chloe Everson's world flashes to a bizarre black and white and the specter of one of Lamont's characters, the Sliver of Darkness, visits her in the dead of the night. But ghostly visitations aren't Chloe's only dilemma, because the New Salem Ripper is stalking the waterfront, butchering prostitutes and young strippers, moving ever closer to an encounter with the object of his obsession... Chloe herself... Includes the bonus Chloe story: The Trouble with Flappers

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The Chloe Files #2: Sliver of Darkness