The Mind of John Locke by Ian Harris

The Mind of John Locke

Ian Harris
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  • ISBN
    9780521356039 / 0521356032
  • Title The Mind of John Locke
  • Author Ian Harris
  • Category History Of Ideas
    Political Science & Theory
  • Format
  • Year 1994
  • Pages 452
  • Publisher
    Cambridge University Press
  • Imprint Cambridge University Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 29mm x 229mm


This is a complex study of how Locke's wider interests connected with his political thought.

Publisher Description

John Locke (1632SH1704) is a central figure in the history of liberal doctrine. His mind spanned questions concerning Christian worship, ethics, political economy, medicine, human understanding, revealed theology, and education. The effect of this study is both to show how the character of his wider concerns informed The Two Treatises of Government and to indicate how his political theory, in its turn, contributed to the further development of his vision. The book therefore offers the first fully integrated study of the mind of John Locke.

'... no one interested in its subject would be likely to finish it without having had their own vision of Locke improved, corrected, and enlarged.' English Historical Review '... impressively learned ... imaginative ... thorough, judicious and scholarly.' Ethics '... [an] argument of unusual comprehensiveness, power and sophistication ... The Mind of John Locke makes a powerful case for the validity of Harris's chosen approach.' Locke Newsletter

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The Mind of John Locke