Swizzle De Brax and the Blungaphone by Irving L. Finkel

Swizzle De Brax and the Blungaphone

Irving L. Finkel
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"A captivating account of a boy and his grandfather's experiment with musical instrument building, fired with verve and wit." — Margaret Birley, Keeper of Musical Instruments, Horniman Museum.“This charming and superbly illustrated little book is much more than a skilfully written story. It is about family values, inventiveness, the importance of recycling and will stimulate young and not so young readers in exploiting an essential ingredient of life which mostly lacks today: imagination.” — Richard Dumbrill, Musicologist.“Just the sort of book I would have loved when I was at school.” — Dr Dr Montague Patience, Principal Librarian, The Last Resort Library.

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Swizzle De Brax and the Blungaphone