Assessing George W. Bush’s Legacy: The Right Man? by Iwan W. Morgan

Assessing George W. Bush’s Legacy: The Right Man?

Iwan W. Morgan
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This book examines George W. Bush’s legacy in terms of his presidential leadership and politics and explains why he was the most controversial president of recent times. It focuses on Bush’s expansion of presidential power in pursuit of the “war on terror,” the ideological and pragmatic foundations of his presidential politics, and the complexity of his legacy in both foreign and domestic policy. In addition to an introductory overview, it contains ten original essays that assess the problems of rating the Bush presidency, the nature of Bush’s presidential government, ideology and ideas in the Bush presidency, the administration’s economic and foreign policies, and the electoral context of the times.  

Author Biography

IWAN MORGAN Professor of U.S. Studies and Head of U.S. Programs at the Institute for the Study of the Americas (ISA), University of London, UK.
PHILIP JOHN DAVIES Director of the British Library's Eccles Centre for American Studies, UK.

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Assessing George W. Bush’s Legacy: The Right Man?