Tobias Rehberger: Private Matters by Iwona Blazwick

Tobias Rehberger: Private Matters

Iwona Blazwick and Tobias Rehberger
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Edited by Anthony Spira. Essays by Iwona Blazwick and Rirkrit Tiravanija.

Publisher Description

Tobias Rehberger produces atmospheric environments that play with light, space, furniture, signage, and clothing inspired by modernist art history and design classics. Colorful, sociable, interactive, utopian, and playful, Rehberger's work usually thrives on chance connections and unexpected encounters, but in “Private Matters,” things take a more personal turn. An abstract design which he uses as wallpaper is actually a picture of the artist's internal organs. And at the center of his solo show at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London, from which this catalogue is derived, is an enclosed chamber—a futuristic yellow pod containing a lamp, which is switched on and off randomly by another Tobias Rehberger who lives in Germany. This catalogue provides complete documentation of the Whitechapel project, as well as a searching interview by curator Anthony Spira.

Author Biography

Iwona Blazwick is Head of Exhibitions and Display at Tate Modern. Simon Wilson is Communications Editor at the Tate.

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Tobias Rehberger: Private Matters