Space, Time and Einstein by J.B. Kennedy

Space, Time and Einstein

J.B. Kennedy
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An introduction to Space, time and Einstein, one of the most popular fields in philosophy. It considers the theories of the ancient Greek philosophers, Zeno, Euclid and Parmenides alongside the ideas of Newton, Leibniz and Kant as well as the giants of twentieth-century physics, Einstein and Lorentz.

Publisher Description

This work covers the philosophical heart of the issues of space and time. It introduces the revolutionary ideas of Einstein, along with the concepts and arguments of philosophers, both ancient and modern, which have proved of lasting value. The text serves to introduce the subject for beginning students as well as provide a clear statement of the “state of the debate” for a popular science readership. Topics include Einstein's special and general relativity, how to build an atom bomb, the four-dimensional universe, the possibility of time travel, the impossibility of motion, whether space curves, the big bang, black holes, as well as an inflationary and accelerating universe.

“A wealth of information and reflection presented as simply as the material allows - A masterful blending of physics, mathematics, metaphysics, ethical reflections, intellectual history and historical context. A good text for an introductory course on the philosophy of relativity, or background reading for a more advanced course.” - International Journal of Philosophical Studies “A very clear and enjoyable book. A real strength is the way it relates issues about space and time that physicists have grappled with, over the history of science, to deep and longstanding philosophical issues. Introductory books sometimes make passing reference to the deep philosophical questions, but I've never read one that introduces them so clearly, and then uses them so effectively, to enliven and illuminate the issues.” - Carl Hoefer, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Author Biography

J. B. Kennedy is a visiting lecturer in the history and philosophy of science at the University of Manchester.

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Space, Time and Einstein