501 Must-Visit Wild Places by Jackum Brown

501 Must-Visit Wild Places

Jackum Brown, Fid Backhouse and Arthur Findlay
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From Canada's remote Yukon wilderness to the icy vastness of the Antarctic Peninsula, this book provides an overview of some of Planet Earth's most famous wonders, along with many lesser-known marvels.

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Within these pages you can easily find a perfect adventure or any number of rewarding destinations that offer the opportunity to get away and enjoy some of Mother Nature's most awesome creations. Stroll through beautiful countryside or hike through remote wilderness. Clamber up scenic hills or tramp across great expanses of heather moorland. Walk beneath the forest canopy accompanied only by the tropical sounds of nature or go in search of mountain gorillas. Camp under desert stars or sleep in an African banda. Sample the authentic cuisine of rural India or explore the underwater splendour of a pristine coral reef. This book is ideal for individual use, or would make a great gift.

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501 Must-Visit Wild Places