Dance Anatomy by Jacqui Greene Haas

Dance Anatomy

Jacqui Greene Haas
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  • ISBN
    9780736081931 / 0736081933
  • Title Dance Anatomy
  • Author Jacqui Greene Haas
  • Category Dance
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 195
  • Publisher
    Human Kinetics Publishers
  • Imprint Human Kinetics Publishers
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 175mm x 15mm x 251mm


“Dance Anatomy” brings the relationship between muscle development and aesthetic movement to life with full-color illustrations. Step-by-step instructions convey proper form for 82 exercises arranged anatomically.

Publisher Description

improved technique, injury prevention, and artistic expression.

Author Biography

Jacqui Greene Haas has been the athletic trainer for the Cincinnati Ballet since 1989 and is the director of dance medicine academic seminars. Haas is also director of the dance medicine division of Wellington Orthopaedics in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she treats dancers in physical therapy, post surgical rehabilitation and general conditioning. A former professional ballet dancer with Boston Ballet, Southern Ballet Theatre, Tampa Ballet, New Orleans Ballet and Cincinnati Ballet, Jacqui holds a BA in dance from the University of South Florida and an athletic training certificate from the University of Cincinnati.

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Dance Anatomy