Ends of Deception by James Marone

Ends of Deception

James Marone
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  • ISBN
    9781609761691 / 1609761693
  • Title Ends of Deception
  • Author James Marone
  • Category Fantasy
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 110
  • Publisher
    Writers Literary & Publishing Services, Inc
  • Imprint Eloquent Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 229mm


Tae-Hyun awakes from a startling recurring nightmare only to narrowly escape an assassination attempt on his life. King Koguryo, ruler of one of the three kingdoms on the Korean peninsula, orders him to assassinate nobles who are suspected of being rebellion-inciting conspirators. Together with his brother Sang-Ki, who reappears from the beyond the grave, Tae-Hyun leads the King's troops against the rebels. During this battle he meets Soo-Jin, a beautiful woman whose image frequently appears in his nightmares. Sang-Ki, compassionate and passion-driven, turns against the army and helps fuel the rebellion against the King. How could Tae-Hyun's brother deceive him? And will his blind loyalty to the King break up his family when he turns in Sang-Ki for treachery? A final climactic battle will decide their fate. About the Author: James Marone grew up in Sea Cliff, New York, and now resides in Desert Hot Springs, California, where he works for the USMC. He has several projects in the works. Publisher's Web site: html

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Ends of Deception