Stieg by Jan-Erik Pettersson


Jan-Erik Pettersson
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  • ISBN
    9781849165006 / 1849165009
  • Title Stieg
  • Author Jan-Erik Pettersson
  • Category Biography: Literary
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 368
  • Publisher
    Quercus Publishing
  • Imprint Quercus Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 135mm x 216mm


The definitive biography of Stieg Larsson reveals his life and legacy to have been as exciting as the stories of his mega-selling novels.

Publisher Description

Until the posthumous publication of the Millennium Trilogy, Stieg Larsson was probably best known for his commitment to left-wing causes, and his tireless work as an anti-fascist activist. Horrified by the rise of far-right extremism in Sweden, he threw himself into monitoring and exposing these often shadowy and violent groups and gained an international reputation for the depth of his achievements and knowledge. However his work carried substantial risks and he and his partner Eva Gabrielsson lived in constant fear for their lives. When a friend of theirs was found shot dead in a stairwell, police raided the killers' hideout and found photographs of Stieg and Eva - chillingly, they were the next targets. Jan-Erik Pettersson shows how Stieg's activism and energetic championing of social justice and women's rights characterised his life, as well as demonstrating how these concerns animated his huge-selling Millennium Trilogy, in particular the unforgettable character of Lisbeth Salander.
He also persuasively establishes Stieg's place within the explosion of Scandinavian crime with which his novels are so closely associated, showing that in many ways his fiction stands somewhat apart from the work of other authors in this tradition. In Stieg: From Activist to Author Jan-Erik Pettersson portrays a man willing to put his life at risk in order to fight for the things in which he believed, and an author whose inimitable work was energized by the causes to which he was so strongly committed.

'Does a much better job of setting Larsson in his Swedish contexts, geographical, social and political ... Pettersson is illuminating on Sweden's neo-Nazis too' Times Literary Supplement.

Author Biography

Jan-Erik Pettersson is a journalist. Previously he was editor-in-chief at the Swedish publishing house Ordfront Forlag, in which role he published Stieg Larsson's book on the right-wing party Sverigedemokraterna.

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