Deep Tissue Massage by Jane Johnson

Deep Tissue Massage

Jane Johnson
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  • ISBN
    9780736084703 / 0736084703
  • Title Deep Tissue Massage
  • Author Jane Johnson
  • Category Massage
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 216
  • Publisher
    Human Kinetics Publishers
  • Imprint Human Kinetics Publishers
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 181mm x 239mm x 12mm


Containing over 160 photos, this title presents a step by step overview of essential massage techniques. Covering different body areas and client working positions, it provides students and practising therapists with advice, suggestions on how to communicate technical terms to your clients.

Publisher Description

Many clients enjoy the sensation of deep tissue massage. Yet some therapists shy away from incorporating this form of massage into their treatments, believing it to require the application of force greater than what they can deliver. Or they are anxious about how to apply pressure safely.

“Deep Tissue Massage” describes how to use 83 compressive and stretching techniques in ways that are safe and effective for you and your clients. The reference contains step-by-step guidelines and over 165 color photos, which will help you deliver comfortable and satisfying massages to your clients. The techniques are organized by the part of the body being massaged (trunk, lower limbs, and upper limbs) and by the positioning of the client (three-quarter lying, supine, prone, and seated). Once you have learned about the techniques, you will then learn about incorporating them into effective routines by moving the client from one position to the next. Discover those techniques and treatment positions that appeal to you, and discard those that you find less helpful. You will find many of these techniques easy to apply and will quickly be able to include them as part of your practice.

“Deep Tissue Massage” explains techniques for avoiding overuse of your hands by incorporating the forearms, fists, and elbows. Throughout the book Client Talk boxes present tips for effective dialogue between therapist and client to ensure expectations are met and the client's limits for handling deep pressure are not exceeded. A photo gallery index provides a quick reference for treatment ideas or for checking technique.

Whether you are new to massage or a therapist with many years of experience, “Deep Tissue Massage” will be a great companion resource. Novices will love the easily accessible language and organization of this book, while veteran therapists will check technique and add variety to existing treatment routines. If used in a classroom setting, this book can stimulate debate and discussion about the proper use of deep tissue massage.

Author Biography

Jane Johnson is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in massage. As part of an ongoing series of workshops she has, for many years, run Deep Tissue Massage. This is one of her most popular workshops. The techniques involved she uses with her own clients and are included as part of the Sports Injuries and Sports Massage Diploma she has also taught for many years.

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Deep Tissue Massage