Thor’s Tale by Janice Marriott

Thor’s Tale

Janice Marriott
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  • ISBN
    9781869505721 / 1869505727
  • Title Thor’s Tale
  • Author Janice Marriott
  • Category General Fiction (children's/ya)
  • Format
  • Year 2006
  • Pages 160
  • Publisher
    HarperCollins Publishers (New Zealand)
  • Imprint HarperCollins Publishers
  • Dimensions 130mm x 200mm x 6mm

Publisher Description

I row back, thinking what it means to be born a whaler. I think about explorers, and about Blackborrow who is an explorer even though he hasn't been born to it. Maybe, maybe I can be an explorer? And the way to do it is to stow away ...Eleven-year-old Thor is the lowest of the low at a subantarctic whaling station. As a whaler's boy, he spends long, hard days loading coal. He should be looking forward to being a harpooner on the whaling boats - but he really wants to be soaring high and free with the albatrosses. Until the day a ghostly ship emerges from the mists. It is Endurance, carrying Shackleton and his intrepid explorers on their voyage of discovery to the Antarctic. Thor has never seen anything like her, and when he is caught up in the expedition's fight for survival, he must decide where his future lies. Janice Marriott is a well-known children's fiction and non-fiction writer, living in Wellington. Her recent books include the Yates Gardening for Kids series and Soldier in the Yellow Socks: Charles Upham, Our Finest Fighting Soldier.

Winner of New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards: Junior Fiction 2007.
Shortlisted for LIANZA Children's Book Awards: Esther Glen Medal for Junior Fiction 2007.

Author Biography

Janice Marriott lives and works in Wellington, and is an award-winning children's writer. She has written a number of successful children's books, her 1997 novel Crossroads winning both the AIM Book of the Year Award and the Esther Glen Medal. Janice is also experienced in writing non-fiction, and has been published extensively by Learning Media. A keen gardener, she has applied her gardening acumen, educational experience and writing skills to produce an attractive introduction to gardening for children.

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Thor’s Tale