In the Hands of Design Minds Volume.2 by Jason Mc Dermott

In the Hands of Design Minds Volume.2

Jason Mc Dermott
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  • ISBN
    9783639290783 / 363929078X
  • Title In the Hands of Design Minds Volume.2
  • Author Jason Mc Dermott
  • Category Anthropology
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 300
  • Publisher
    Vdm Verlag
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 152mm

Publisher Description

This, the second volume of 'In the Hands of Design Minds' is a continuation of the transitional theme of volume one concerning the educational and vocational relevance of design, creativity and innovation. This volume will explore and critique the greater establishments of society of the Monetary, Law and Political institutions in relation to industrial behavior and resource utilization. Here, transition concerns socioeconomic models to possible and near future ones, using design as a theme to critique what have been designed, evolved or even contrived and to further argue what may need to be valued, designed, built and sustained. The socioeconomic factors such as environment and infrastructural design, capital accumulation and utilization and above all population growth, will be discussed of their relevance. A body of case study material will be used for argumentative support, with a distinct reference to futurism on the basis of possible future socioeconomic models advocating technological and scientific applications, as opposed to today's political establishment for a future of sustainability and prosperity, in accordance with the planet's greater ecosystems.

Author Biography

Jason Mc Dermott is a recent graduate from The National Collegeof Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland with a degree in VisualCommunication. He has plans to study Brand Managment andAdvertising in developing his career.

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In the Hands of Design Minds Volume.2