Thinking Clearly by Jill Leblanc

Thinking Clearly

Jill Leblanc
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In tune with the needs of students, Thinking Clearly focuses squarely on core issues of critical reasoning.

Publisher Description

Offers students a concise introduction to the study of critical thinking. It should be of interest for those taking courses in philosophy, ancient history or sociology. Such courses centre on logical arguments in everyday langauge rather than symbolic logic and the author presents examples from situations that students are most likely to encounter. Key terms, rules and concepts are clearly set out, together with many exercises.

Author Biography

Jill LeBlanc (Ph.D., University of Toronto) is an Associate Professor at McMaster University, where she has taught critical thinking to more than 7,000 students. Both Thinking Clearly and is accompanying LEMUR software are based on materials that she developed for this course.

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Thinking Clearly