Set the Dark on Fire by Jill Sorenson

Set the Dark on Fire

Jill Sorenson
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  • ISBN
    9780553592023 / 0553592025
  • Title Set the Dark on Fire
  • Author Jill Sorenson
  • Category Romance
  • Format
    Mass Market Paperback
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 401
  • Publisher
  • Imprint Bantam Books Inc
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 108mm x 29mm x 176mm


As local sheriff Luke Mezza and naturalist Dusty Phillips investigate the mysterious death of a young woman in a nature preserve, they face mounting danger—and their own undeniable attraction. Original.

Publisher Description

"In a southern California town ablaze with sordid secrets, a free-spirited biologist and a straitlaced sheriff join forces to investigate a suspicious killing—and find themselves getting a little too close to the flames... "
Shay Phillips knows her way around Dark Canyon. She's handy with a gun and can track a wild animal with the best of them. It's humans who usually give her the most trouble. And with a hormonally charged teenage brother to raise—and an admitted weakness for the wrong kind of man—they're giving her plenty of trouble these days. Then there's the matter of murder. As an expert on mountain lions, Shay is skeptical when a local prostitute turns up mauled without a drop of blood near the body.
Now, together with the town's newly arrived sheriff, Luke Meza—a Las Vegas city boy with his own dark secrets—Shay must navigate a dangerous valley filled with angry ex-lovers, unfaithful spouses, and poisonous snakes in a desperate search for the killer. But when suspicion falls on her own brother, and her attraction to Luke rages into a full-on erotic affair, can Shay quell the fires inside her long enough to uncover the truth?

Author Biography

Jill Sorenson writes sexy?romantic suspense for Silhouette and Bantam. Her?books have?appeared?in Cosmopolitan magazine

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Set the Dark on Fire