Cynical Orange, Vol. 6 by Jiun Yun

Cynical Orange, Vol. 6

Jiun Yun
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  • ISBN
    9780759528796 / 0759528799
  • Title Cynical Orange, Vol. 6
  • Author Jiun Yun
  • Category Graphic Novels
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 192
  • Publisher
    Yen Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 145mm x 15mm x 206mm


Despite their constant bickering, even cynical Hye-Min cannot deny that her relationship with Ma-Ha has become a deep bond of mutual trust and understanding. As a symbolic acknowledgement of their budding love, Ma-Ha presents her with a couple's ring on their 100-day anniversary. But as Hye-Min and Ma-Ha grow closer, it becomes more difficult for Shin-Bi to hide his true feelings, and So-Ryu's patience for his divided heart has reached its limit...

Author Biography

JiUn Yun is the creator of “Time and Again” and “Cynical Orange.”

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Cynical Orange, Vol. 6