Curry: 85 Classic Recipes by Jody Vassallo

Curry: 85 Classic Recipes

Jody Vassallo
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85 classic curry recipes from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and India well-designed and illustrated to bring the vast range of curry dishes to the home cook. The recipes are grouped by main ingredient.

Publisher Description

“Explore and enjoy the varieties of curry from various cultures.”

Extraordinarily versatile, curry was initially best known as an Indian specialty. Over the centuries, it has been adapted and specialized by almost every region in Asia. Jody Vassallo includes recipes for classic Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian and Indian versions that all bear their own characteristics — from the fiery taste of a classic red Thai curry, to the lighter, fresher dishes served in Vietnam.

Curry is beautifully designed and brings a vast range of curries into the home kitchen. Each section — chicken and duck, pork, lamb and beef, fish and seafood, and vegetables — includes easy-to-follow recipes from all over Asia.

Here is a sampling of the succulent dishes: Duck with lychees Pork satay Chu chi scallop and fish curry Sour vegetable and egg curry.

Curry is a superb collection of Asian recipes designed for the home chef.

Author Biography

Jody Vassallo is an insatiable globe-trotter whose bestselling cookbooks combine her passions for travel and food. Always on the lookout for new flavors and ingredients, Jody has translated her travels into original recipes in books such as “Curry, Salt and Pepper”, and “Basic Pasta”.

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Curry: 85 Classic Recipes