The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman

The Accidental Time Machine

Joe Haldeman
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  • ISBN
    9780441016167 / 0441016162
  • Title The Accidental Time Machine
  • Author Joe Haldeman
  • Category Science Fiction
  • Format
    Mass Market Paperback
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 275
  • Publisher
    Ace Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 106mm x 20mm x 173mm


From the winner of the 2006 Nebula Award for Best Novel comes this provocative story of a man who stumbles upon the discovery of a lifetime. When a laboratory calibrator turns into a time machine, lab assistant Matt Fuller has nothing to lose by taking the trip himself—or so he thinks.

Publisher Description

Grad- school dropout Matt Fuller is toiling as a lowly research assistant at MIT when he inadvertently creates a time machine. With a dead-end job and a girlfriend who left him for another man, Matt has nothing to lose in taking a time-machine trip himself?or so he thinks.

Author Biography

Joe Haldeman is a Vietnam veteran whose novel “The Forever War”, written a few years after his discharge and influenced by his combat experiences, won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards as best novel of the year. Years later, his sequel to that memorable novel, “Forever Peace”, also won the Hugo and Nebula Awards and was cited by “Publishers Weekly” as one of the Best Books of the Year. He has written many other novels, including the best-selling “Worlds” trilogy, and has served twice as President of the Science Fiction Writers of America. When not writing prize-winning and best-selling novels, h

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The Accidental Time Machine