Consciousness Unfolding by Joel S. Goldsmith

Consciousness Unfolding

Joel S. Goldsmith
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2010 Reprint of 1948 edition. JOEL S. GOLDSMITH (1892-1964), was an important teacher of practical mysticism, and devoted most of his life to the discovery and teaching of spiritual principles which he founded and called The Infinite Way. For what it is worth, he was also one of Elvis Presley's favorite authors. Goldsmith self-published his most famous work, The Infinite Way in 1947 based on letters to patients and students. Many of his published writings are transcriptions of his lectures that had been recorded on the first wire recorders in the late 1940s. These were distributed by Goldsmith himself and published in Hollywood, CA. Consciousness Unfolding is one the titles issued in this format. The rare original edition of 1948 reproduced in this edition is taken from the original typescript published by Goldsmith in 1948. According to Goldsmith, “The Unfolding of God is the object of our classwork...the unfolding of your own consciousness...the revelation within your own being... The revelation of your own being. This is not an experience that takes place from me to you. It is an experience that takes place within your own being...”-From the preface of Consciousness Unfolding. Goldsmith's insistence on “no organization” insured that his message remained a personal journey with leaders naturally evolving from new generations. There is no service, ritual, dogma, ceremony in the practice of The Infinite Way.

Author Biography

Joel Goldsmith (1892-1964), one of America's great mystics, spent his life lecturing on “The Infinite Way” — his personally developed principles of spirituality. He is the author of more than 30 books, including T“he Art of Spiritual Healing, Living the Infinite Way, ” and “The Thunder of Silence.”

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Consciousness Unfolding