Higher History Practice Papers by John A. Kerr

Higher History Practice Papers

John A. Kerr
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  • ISBN
    9781843727965 / 184372796X
  • Title Higher History Practice Papers
  • Author John A. Kerr
  • Category Educational: History

  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 112
  • Publisher
    Leckie & Leckie
  • Dimensions 296mm x 210mm


Prepare for the new Higher History exam with Leckie and Leckie's Practice Papers! As well as providing two question papers, the book contains worked solutions and model answers, exam hints and tips and a topic index. It also includes advice on how to tackle the new source-based Paper Two questions.

Author Biography

John Kerr is a marker, examiner and setter for Higher History. He teaches at Balerno High School in Edinburgh and is the author of several Leckie & Leckie History books.

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Higher History Practice Papers