Waking the Dead by John Eldredge

Waking the Dead

John Eldredge
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The director of Ransomed Heart—a teaching, counseling, and discipling fellowship—challenges believers that through the new covenant their hearts are good, essential to life, and that they should trust and dareto live from the deepest heart. Unabridged.

Publisher Description

“Waking the Dead” leads listeners to understand how to live from the heart, care for their heart like the treasures of the kingdom, and give from fullness instead of emptiness. This message also shows how living from the heart can energize people to love God and others in a way they've never experienced, revealing to them life's purpose: fighting for the hearts of others.

Author Biography

John Eldredge is the founder and director of Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a fellowship devoted to helping people discover the heart of God. John is the author of numerous books, including Wild at Heart, and coauthor of Captivating.

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Waking the Dead