China’s Remarkable Economic Growth by John Knight

China’s Remarkable Economic Growth

John Knight
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  • ISBN
    9780199698691 / 0199698694
  • Title China’s Remarkable Economic Growth
  • Author John Knight
  • Category Development Economics
  • Format
  • Year 2012
  • Pages 424
  • Publisher
    Oxford University Press, USA
  • Imprint Oxford University Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 162mm x 242mm x 29mm


China's economy has been growing at ten per cent per annum for the last three decades. This book considers one of the biggest questions facing contemporary economists: why and how is the Chinese economy growing so fast?

Publisher Description

How has the Chinese economy managed to grow at such a remarkable rate - no less than ten per cent per annum - for over three decades? This well-integrated book combines economic theory, empirical estimation, and institutional analysis to address one of the most important questions facing contemporary economists. A common thread that runs throughout the book is the underlying political economy: why China became a 'developmental state', and how it has maintained itself as a 'developmental state'. The book examines the causal processes at work in the evolution of China's institutions and policies. It estimates cross-country and cross-province growth equations to shed light on the proximate, and some of the underlying, determinants of the growth rate.
It explores important consequences of China's growth, posing a series of key questions, such as: is the economy running out of unskilled labour; why and how has inequality risen; has economic growth raised happiness; what are the social costs of the overriding priority accorded to growth objectives; can China continue to grow rapidly, or will the maturing economy, or the macroeconomic imbalances, or financial crisis, or social instability, bring it to an end? Based mainly on original research, this book will be of interest to growth economists, development economists, transition economists, China specialists, policy-makers, and indeed all those who are intrigued by the Chinese growth phenomenon.

A superb introduction to China. It could easily be used as a summary reading for a semester-length Chinese economy course, or as script for a China economist introducing Chinas economic reform process to any audience ... The China economist will appreciate the comprehensive coverage, meticulously detailed work, elaborate incorporation of existing literature, and careful argumentation. All others, from students enrolled in a Chinese economy course to the general readership, will appreciate the accessibility of solid work on Chinas economic growth and its consequences. Carsten A. Holz, Journal of Economic Literature Although written principally for economic specialists, readers with more general interests in Chinas burgeoning economy will also find much to consider in this book. Marc Lanteigne, International Affairs

Author Biography

John Knight has conducted research on the Chinese economy for more than two decades, and has published many journal articles, including papers on income distribution, poverty, wages, migration, education, subjective well-being, and economic growth. His books on China include The Rural-Urban Divide: Economic Disparities and Interactions in China and Towards a Labour Market in China (both with Lina Song and both published by OUP). The latter book received the Richard A. Lester Prize, awarded at Princeton University, for the outstanding book in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations published in 2005. He is a long-serving editor of the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. ; Sai Ding graduated from Nankai University and obtained her doctorate at Birmingham University before becoming a Research Fellow in Oxford, where she collaborated with John Knight on the research for this book. Her current research is on corporate investment and finance in China.

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China’s Remarkable Economic Growth