Darkness, Be My Friend by John Marsden

Darkness, Be My Friend

John Marsden
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  • ISBN
    9780330360050 / 0330360051
  • Title Darkness, Be My Friend
  • Author John Marsden
  • Category Adventure Stories (children's/ya)
  • Format
  • Year 1997
  • Pages 288
  • Publisher
    Pan Macmillan Australia
  • Imprint Pan Australia
  • Edition
  • Dimensions 116mm x 183mm x 18mm


They're back! The trilogy has turned into a series and the courageous kids have returned to provide more sleepless nights and nail-biting suspense. After their thrilling rescue by the New Zealand army, Ellie Homer, Fi, Kevin and Lee return to Australia as guides on a top secret mission only to have to defend themselves once again.

Publisher Description

Nowhere to run; one place left to hide. You're running from bullets through the streets of your own town. Your life's on the line and no-one's there to help. What's happened? When did safety turn to fear, peace turn to war, happiness turn to panic? When did your normal day become a nightmare? Ellie and her friends struggle with the biggest questions life can offer in 'Darkness, Be My Friend', the fourth book in the award-winning “Tomorrow” series. 12+ years

“Marsden's style is as surefooted as his independent band of teens.”

Shortlisted for Book Data/ABA Book of the Year Award 1996.

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Darkness, Be My Friend