Street on Torts by John Murphy

Street on Torts

John Murphy
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  • ISBN
    9780199554447 / 0199554447
  • Title Street on Torts
  • Author John Murphy
  • Category Torts / Delicts
  • Year 2012
  • Pages 824
  • Publisher
    Oxford University Press
  • Imprint Oxford University Press
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 172mm x 245mm x 42mm


Well-established and highly regarded, Street on Torts provides a detailed yet clear overview of tort law, with strong analysis of case law and contextualisation of individual torts. The highly praised broad coverage and logical structure are maintained, ensuring the book remains a classic 50 years after publication of the first edition.

Publisher Description

Tried and tested by generations of students, Street on Torts can be trusted to provide a wide-ranging overview, and a clear and accurate explanation of tort law. Students new to tort law can read Street chapter by chapter as they work through their lectures: the book is carefully structured to map closely to typical undergraduate law courses, providing all the essential material in one volume. The book offers students a contextualized and thought-provoking account of tort law by ensuring they are given the 'bigger picture' surrounding the main torts discussed in the book. It also provides a strong analysis of case law, explaining how torts actually work and examining the social purposes behind them. An Online Resource Centre accompanies the book with twice-yearly updates on key new cases and legislation, providing students with easy access to significant developments in the law, and a selection of useful web links.

Author Biography

John Murphy is Professor of Common Law at the University of Manchester. He is one of the country's leading tort lawyers. He has authored numerous articles on tort law which have been published in the UK and abroad. He is also one of the current editors of Clerk and Lindsell on Torts (published by Sweet and Maxwell). Christian Witting is Professor at Durham Law School. He is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia and a Fellow of the
European Centre for Tort and Insurance Law, Vienna. He is the author of Liability for Negligent Misstatements (OUP), and articles on tort law and company law.

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Street on Torts