Mang, the Wild Orangutan by John Van Loon

Mang, the Wild Orangutan

John Van Loon
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A moving and educational story about an orangutan called Mang, one of our favourite attractions at the zoo.

Publisher Description

The orangutan is our closest relative, highly intelligent and in critical danger of becoming extinct in the very near future. This poignant picture book tells the story of Mang the Orangutan, taken from the great rainforests of Borneo and now kept in a zoo. A long time ago in Borneo Mang clung tightly to his mother s back, swinging from vines, collecting ripe fruit, honey and insects, and was happy, a master of the trees. Then one day humans come and shoot Mang s mother and capture Mang. Including information about the plight of the orangutan, this information book is a moving account of the story behind one orangutan at the zoo.

Author Biography

Joan van Loon is a teacher and writer who works in the library at Mentone Girls Grammar School and lives in Elsternwick with her husband John. John van Loon is an illustrator and graphic designer who has designed a number of picture books and novels. He has lectured in Graphic Design and works as a freelance designer. Mang the Wild Orangutan is their first book for children.

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Mang, the Wild Orangutan