The Gruen Transfer by Jon Casimir

The Gruen Transfer

Jon Casimir
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  • ISBN
    9780733327872 / 0733327877
  • Title The Gruen Transfer
  • Author Jon Casimir
  • Category Advertising
    Media Studies
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 288
  • Publisher
    ABC Books
  • Imprint ABC Books
  • Dimensions 217mm x 260mm x 25mm


With it's compelling, fascinating and downright gobsmacking insights into the advertising that surrounds us. The Gruen Transfer lifts the lid on the persuassion business examing how advertising works and how it works on us.

Publisher Description

Did you know that Pizza Hut once spent millions of dollars trying to burn its logo onto the face of the moon? That the diamond engagement ring was a marketing gimmick invented by De Beers? That popes did celebrity endorsements? Advertising is everywhere. It surrounds and submerges us. Industry rule of thumb says we are exposed to 3000 commercial messages a day. THE GRUEN TRANSFER lifts the lid on the persuasion business, examining how advertising works and how it works on us. Fuelled by brilliant minds, cutting edge science, technological weaponry and a budget of $500 billion a year, advertising seeks to influence our purchases. Which leads to the question: when we reach for the detergent in the supermarket aisle, can we really be sure our thoughts are our own?

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The Gruen Transfer