War, Peace, and All That Jazz, 1918-1945 by Joy Hakim

War, Peace, and All That Jazz, 1918-1945

Joy Hakim
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  • ISBN
    9780195327236 / 0195327233
  • Title War, Peace, and All That Jazz, 1918-1945
  • Author Joy Hakim
  • Category Educational: History
  • Format
  • Year 2007
  • Pages 220
  • Publisher
    Oxford University Press, USA
  • Imprint Oxford University Press USA
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 191mm x 13mm x 231mm


Hakim's ten-volume history of the United States makes American history as exciting as an adventure story and as stimulating as a suspense yarn. She tells stories with all the fascinating sides of factual history. The dates and events, characters and complexities, heroes, heroines and villains are woven into the great American history. B&W illustrations throughout, index and timelines.

Publisher Description

From woman's suffrage to Babe Ruth's home runs, from Louis Armstrong's jazz to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's four presidential terms, from the finale of one world war to the dramatic close of the second, War, Peace, and All That Jazz presents the story of some of the most exciting years in U.S. history. With the end of World War I, many Americans decided to live it up, going to movies, driving cars, and cheering baseball games a plenty. But alongside this post-WWI spree was high unemployment, hard times for farmers, ever-present racism, and, finally, the Depression, the worst economic disaster in U.S. history, flip-flopping the nation from prosperity to scarcity. Along came one of our country's greatest leaders, F.D.R., who promised a New Deal, gave Americans hope, and then saw them through the horrors and victories of World War II. These three decades—full of optimism and despair, progress and Depression, and, of course, War, Peace, and All That Jazz —forever changed the United States.

"[An] exciting series... Ms. Hakim braids multiple narratives together to bring alive material long dead to children's imaginations."—The New York Times Book Review
“Joy Hakim didn't rewrite history. But she did make it a whole lot more fun to read.”—Education Week
“Readers young and old will find themselves amused, amazed, and engrossed by this searching, opinionated survey. In every sense a fresh look at our history.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Merits every accolade, starting with the most personal: I couldn't put it down.”—Washington Post Book World
“The liveliest, most realistic, most well-received American history series ever written for children.”—Los Angeles Times
“A thorough and accurate narrative of our nation's history.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer
“I think this is the best American history written for young people that I have ever seen.”—David Herbert Donald, Harvard University; Pulitzer prize-winning author of Lincoln
“When master storyteller Joy Hakim wields her pen, you're in for a breathtaking adventure.”—Teaching K-8
“An attention to detail and drama alike make these recommended choices for not only readers ages 8-13 but for entire families.”—Children's Bookwatch
“Absorbing, real and even fun to read.”—Voice of Youth Advocates
“Books of real substance that speak directly to kids.”—Jean Fritz, author of Shhh, We're Writing the Constitution
“One of the best nonfiction series of the decade. Impossible to put down.”—School Library Journal

Author Biography

Hakim earned a B.A. from Smith College & an M.Ed. from Goucher College

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War, Peace, and All That Jazz, 1918-1945