The Other Goose by Judith Kerr

The Other Goose

Judith Kerr
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Katerina is sad because she's the only goose in town, but sometimes she sees another goose in the side of a shiny car. She thinks: "One day that goose will come out. Then I'll no longer be the only goose on the pond." Suddenly one day . . . it does! Full color.

Publisher Description

Katerina is the only goose on her pond, and she's very lonely. Sometimes she thinks she can see another goose in the side of Mr. Buswell's shiny car. She stares and stares, hoping the other goose will come out and join her on the pond. One dark Christmas night, when everyone is at a party in the square, Katerina goes to see the goose in the shiny car. But the goose is gone—has he come out at last? And who is that man with the goose-sized bag coming out of the bank? Is he carrying a goose-sized companion for Katerina? When Katerina chases him down to find out, she becomes the local heroine and gets a wonderful reward—life on her pond will never be the same again.

Author Biography

Judith Kerr was born in Berlin, the daughter of a distinguished German writer. She left Germany with her family in 1933 to escape the Nazis and they arrived in England in 1936, having spent the intervening years in Switzerland and France. She is married to Nigel Kneale and they have two children.

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The Other Goose