Twenty-Five Cent Dinners by Juliet Corson

Twenty-Five Cent Dinners

Juliet Corson
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  • ISBN
    9781429010917 / 1429010916
  • Title Twenty-Five Cent Dinners
  • Author Juliet Corson
  • Category National & Regional Cuisine
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 84
  • Publisher
    Applewood Books
  • Imprint Applewood Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 8mm x 230mm


CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. Marketing. Composition and nutritive value of Meat, Blood, and Bones—How to choose Meat—Beef—Mutton—Lamb—Veal—Pork—Poultry—Game Birds—Fish—Vegetables—Fruit.....10 CHAPTER II. How to Cook, Season, and Measure. Effect of different methods of cooking—Roasting or Baking—Broiling—Boiling and Stewing—Frying—Cooking Salt and Smoked Meats—Seasoning Food—Dried Celery and Parsley—Dried Herbs—Table Sauce—Celery Salt—Spice Salt— Lemon, Orange, and Vanilla Tinctures—Table for Measuring Food.....16 CHAPTER III. Beverages. Tea—Coffee—Cocoa and Chocolate—Beer—Barley Water—Milk—Lime Water.....20 CHAPTER IV. Bread, Macaroni, and Rice. Comparative price and nutritive value of different kinds of bread—Homemade Bread—Rice Bread—Potato Bread— Pulled Bread—Bread made with Baking Powder—Breakfast Rolls—Tea Biscuit—Nutritive value of Macaroni—Macaroni Farmers' Style—Macaroni with Broth—Macaroni with White Sauce—Macaroni with Cheese—Macaroni Milanaise Style—Macaroni with Tomato Sauce—Tomato Sauce—Rice—Rice Panada—Boiled Rice—Rice Milanaise Style—Rice Japanese Style.....24 CHAPTER V. Soup. Nutritive value of Soup—General directions for making Soup—Scotch Broth without Meat—Pea Soup—Thick Pea Soup— Bean Soup—Lentil Soup—Onion Soup—Spinach Soup—Francatelli's Vegetable Soup—Vegetable Porridge—Rice Milk—Fish Soup—Fish Chowder—Mutton Broth—Veal Broth—White Broth—Cream Soup—Beef Broth—Norfolk Dumplings— Meat Brewis.....31 CHAPTER VI. Peas, Beans, Lentils, and Maize. Value of Leguminous Vegetables for Hard Workers—Oatmeal and Peas—Peas-Pudding—Peas and Bacon—Baked Peas—Peas and Onions—Baked Beans—Stewed Beans—FriedBeans—Beans and Bacon—Boiled Lentils—Stewed Lentils—Fried Lentils—Indian Corn Meal—Polenta—Cheese Pudding—Hasty Pudding—Johnny Cake—Indian Cakes—Indian Bread—Boiled Indian Pudding—Baked Indian Pudding.....38 CHAPTER VII. Cheap Fish and Meat Dinners. Nutritive value of Fish—Pickled Fish—London Fried Fish—Fish and Potato Pie—Fish Pudding—Fish and Potato Pudding— Codfish Steaks—Red Herrings with Potatoes—Cheap Meats—Sheeps' Head Stew—Oxtail Stew—Beef Pie—Baked Heart—Stewed Kidneys and Potatoes—Pig's Kidneys—Kidney Pudding—Gammon Dumpling—Bacon and Apple Roly-poly—Mutton and Onions—Pork and Onions—Veal and Rice—Irish Stew—Sheep's Haslet—Baked Pig's Head.....43 CHAPTER VIII. Sunday Dinners. Economy of Combination Dishes—Roast Fowl—Forcemeat or Stuffing—Chicken Gravy—Fried Chicken—Frying Batter—Chicken Broth—New York Cooking School Fricassee—Suet Dumplings—Rabbit Curry—Rabbit Pie—Pickled Shad—Pork Pie—Pork Chops—Roast Pork and Apples—Stewed Sausage—German Potatoes—Brain and Liver Pudding—Broiled Kidneys—Tripe, Curry, and Rice—Liver Polenta—A la Mode Beef—Meat Patties—Boiled Mutton—Mutton rechauffee—Mutton Kromeskys—Plain Frying Batter—Epigramme of Lamb—Roast Veal—Forcemeat for Veal—Blanquette of Veal—Veal and Ham Patties.....50 CHAPTER IX. Cheap Puddings, Pies, and Cakes. Comparative nutritive value of Puddings, Pies, and Cakes—Swiss Pudding—Cream Sauce—College Puddings—Cream Rice Pudding—Half-pay Pudding—Bread Pudding—Cup Custards—Fruit Dumpling—Apple Dumplings—Baked Apple Dumplings—Lemon Dumplings—Rice Croquettes—Fruit Tarts—Rice Cake—Rock Cakes—Caraway Cake—Soft Gingerbread—Sweet Biscuits.....62 CHAPTER X.Dessert Dishes. Directions for making cheap and enjoyable delicacies from Fruit—Apple Black Caps—Apple Snow—Apple Cakes—Cherry Cheese—Candied Cherries—Currant Salad—Iced Currants—Compote of Damsons—Stuffed Dates—Stewed Figs—Compote of Gooseberries—Gooseberry Cheese—Gooseberry Fool—Grape Jelly—Green Gage Compote—Pine Apple Julep—Lemon Snow—Melon Compote—Orange Salad—Orange and Apple Compote—Peach Salad—Cold Compote of Pears—Stewed Prunelles—Quince Cakes—Quince Snow—Iced Raspberries—Raspberry Salad—Compote of Strawberries—Strawberry Drops—Compote of Mixed Fruits—Fruit Juice.....67

Publisher Description

A guide to creating delicious, low-cost meals.

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Twenty-Five Cent Dinners