Man Cannot Speak for Her by Karlyn Kohrs Campbell

Man Cannot Speak for Her

Karlyn Kohrs Campbell
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  • ISBN
    9780275932695 / 0275932699
  • Title Man Cannot Speak for Her
  • Author Karlyn Kohrs Campbell
  • Category Feminism & Feminist Theory
  • Format
  • Year 1989
  • Pages 224
  • Publisher
  • Imprint Praeger Publishers Inc
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 156mm x 234mm x 11mm


Laura Kaplan Shanley is dedicated to the belief that autonomous, unassisted birth is a concept whose time has come and should be re-introduced into human society as the ideal form of safe, joyous, and healthy childbirth.

Publisher Description

Strenuously attacked for their attempts to involve themselves in concerns outside the home, nineteenth-century women reformers soon recognized the need to work for their own rights before they could effectively champion other reformist causes. This book examines the creative response to that challenge. It offers critical analysis of the speeches and writings that set forth the platform and arguments of the early woman's rights movement and guided its development from the 1840s through the early decades of the twentieth century. Following an introductory overview of the movement, Campbell examines the rhetoric of leading female abolitionists whose initial struggle revolved around achieving the right to speak in public. She next looks at their response to opposition based on theology and the universal moral standard the reformers proposed. The author describes the rhetoric of the various woman's rights conventions and how movement leaders adapted their appeals to male legislators. Conflicts between social and natural rights feminists and between white and Afro-American women are considered, and the rhetorical positions that came together to achieve suffrage are analyzed.
In her final chapter, Campbell comments on the rhetoric of the National Woman's Party and the demise of the woman's rights movement in the 1920s. A stimulating analysis of the rhetorical contributions of the best-known and most effective of America's early female reformers, this work, together with its companion volume, should be considered for courses on American public address, women's rhetoric, social movements, and U.S. women's history.

Author Biography

Karlyn Kohrs Campbell received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. She is author or co-author of many critically acclaimed titles in rhetoric, including THE INTERPLAY OF INFLUENCE: NEWS, ADVERTISING, POLITICS, AND THE INTERNET (6th ed., 2006), as well as many journal articles. She received a fellowship at the Joan Shorenstein Center in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, the National Communication Association Distinguished Scholar Award, and the National Communication Association Woolbert Award for scholarship of exceptional originality and influence. She was select

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Man Cannot Speak for Her