Magnificent Passage by Kat Martin

Magnificent Passage

Kat Martin
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  • ISBN
    9781593156978 / 1593156979
  • Title Magnificent Passage
  • Author Kat Martin
  • Category Historical Romance
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 355
  • Publisher
    CDS Books
  • Imprint CDS Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 106mm x 175mm x 25mm


Now available for the first time to the general marketplace, “Magnificent Passage ”is a passionate historical romance by “New York Times” bestselling author Kat Martin, perfect for the beach and hot summer nights.

Publisher Description

Mandy Ashton fled a stifling frontier existence for the glittering social whirl of Sacramento City, California s state capital, trading childhood innocence for a woman s burning desire and masquerade as her flighty cousin, Julia.Travis Langley, known by his Indian name, Hawk, is a white man raised by the Cheyenne, a man trying to make peace with his dual heritage. The last thing he needs is a job chaperoning Julia Aston, the California governor s spoiled daughter. But Mandyposing as Juliais spirited, captivating, and irresistibly sensuous. By journey s end, Mandy and Hawk have become helpless prisoners of a smoldering passion that nothing can killexcept, perhaps, the secret Mandy has guarded so carefully throughout the arduous days and passionate nights of their long, magnificent passage."

Author Biography

J.T. Ellison is a former White House staffer who moved to Nashville and began research on passion, forensics and crime. She worked extensively with the Metro Nashville Police, the FBI and various other law enforcement organizations to write her critically acclaimed novels ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS and 14. She is the Friday columnist at and a founding member of Killer Year. She lives in Nashville with her husband and a poorly trained cat.

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Magnificent Passage