Theories and Practices of Development by Katie Willis

Theories and Practices of Development

Katie Willis
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  • ISBN
    9780415590716 / 041559071X
  • Title Theories and Practices of Development
  • Author Katie Willis
  • Category Development Studies
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 269
  • Publisher
  • Imprint Routledge
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 155mm x 13mm x 231mm


Rev. ed. of: Theories and practices of development. 2005.

Publisher Description

Global economic crisis and the implications of global environmental change have led academics and policy-makers to consider how development in all parts of the world should be achieved. However, development has always been a contested idea. While often presented as a positive process to improve people s lives, the potential negative dimensions of development on people and environments must also be recognized.

Theories and Practices of Development provides a clear and user-friendly introduction to the complex debates around how development has been understood and achieved. The second edition has been fully updated and expanded to reflect global political and economic shifts, as well as new approaches to development. The rise of China and India is given particular attention, as is the global economic crisis and its implications for development theories and practice. There are new sections on faith-based development, and the development dimensions of climate change, as well as greater engagement with development theories as they are put into practice in the Global North.

The book deals with the evolution of development ideas and policies, focusing on economic, political, social, environmental and spatial dimensions. It highlights how development cannot be considered as a neutral concept, but is entwined with inequalities in power at local, as well as national and global scales. The use of boxed examples, tables and illustrations helps students understand complex theoretical ideas and also demonstrates how development theories are put into practice in the real world. Each chapter ends with a summary section, discussion topics, suggestions for further reading and website resources.

“In this accessible, lucid, and beautifully organised book, Katie Willis combines up-to-date conceptual summaries with nicely worked empirical examples to illuminate contemporary development policy and practice. This book is both a major scholarly achievement and magnificent guide for those new to the subject. Bravo.” Dr. Craig Jeffrey, University of Oxford, UK. “Students will appreciate the clear way complex ideas are discussed in this wide-ranging introduction to development. This is a remarkably comprehensive book that will inform and stimulate readers interested in what 'development' means. With up to date examples drawn from around the world, this book will help readers appreciate the diversity of ways in which development theories of different types get put into practice.” Professor Sue Roberts, University of Kentucky, USA. 'Theories and Practices of Development is a clear and concise introductory text which provides an excellent and accessible 'way in' for undergraduate students to critically engage with a range of contemporary development debates.' 'Willis provides an up-to-date and thoroughly readable overview of approaches to development past and present. Katie Willis weaves together diverse and engaging case study examples from around the world with a balanced synthesis of the complex topic that is development.' - The Geographical Journal 2006

Author Biography

Katie Willis is Reader in Development Geography and Director of the Centre for Developing Areas Research at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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Theories and Practices of Development