Media Man: Ted Turner’s Improbable Empire by Ken Auletta

Media Man: Ted Turner’s Improbable Empire

Ken Auletta
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  • ISBN
    9780393327496 / 0393327493
  • Title Media Man: Ted Turner’s Improbable Empire
  • Author Ken Auletta
  • Category Business & Management
  • Format
  • Year 2005
  • Pages 205
  • Publisher
    W. W. Norton & Company
  • Imprint Norton
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 140mm x 14mm x 203mm


Auletta has written the first book-length retrospective on the volatile Turner and his roller-coaster career, and received the active cooperation of Turner himself, including 15 hours of taped interviews.

Publisher Description

Ted Turner revolutionized television. Foreseeing cable's potential in its infancy, he parlayed a tiny UHF station in Atlanta into a national superstation, invented CNN, and transformed sports teams and the MGM film library into lucrative programming. Ken Auletta, the most respected media journalist in America, enjoyed unparalleled access to the outspoken and defiant Turner in writing this book (named one of BusinessWeek's Top Ten Books of 2004), capturing the visionary businessman as he built-and lost-his improbable empire.

"[An] engaging book... an intriguing study of an entrepreneurial outsider." Financial Times; “This short biography does an excellent job.” The Economist; “A nuanced and engaging portrait of an immensely complicated man...Readers may find more detailed analyses of the merger of AOL and Time Warner, but they will find none more entertaining, straightforward, or comprehensible.” Washington Post Book World

Author Biography

Ken Auletta writes the “Annals of Communications” for The New Yorker and is the author of nine previous books.

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Media Man: Ted Turner’s Improbable Empire