Paper Money by Ken Follett

Paper Money

Ken Follett
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It would make a powerful government official risk his reputation — and career — in one unforgettable night....

It would set the stock market spinning in a bold move to take over a giant corporation....

And it was worth any gamble for a corporate raider who used illicit information as his tool — and deadly violence as his weapon....

An explosive novel of high finance and underworld villainy from Ken Follett, the grand master of international action and suspense.

Publisher Description

Crime, high finances, and journalism are interconnected in this early thriller by the author of On Wings of Eagles and Lie Down With Lions. In one suspenseful, action-packed day, fortunes change hands as an ambitious young reporter scrambles to crack the story. A suicidal Junior Minister, an avaricious tycoon, and a seasoned criminal with his team of tough guys all play their parts in a scheme that moves “paper money” around at a dizzying pace.

Author Biography

Ken Follett's career as a bestselling author has spanned more than three decades. He is the author of numerous immensely popular books, including “Eye of the Needle”, “Triple”, “The Key to Rebecca”, “The Man From St. Petersburg”, “On Wings of Eagles”, “Lie Down With Lions”, “The Pillars of the Earth”, “A Dangerous Fortune”, “The Third Twin”, “The Hammer of Eden”, and “World Without End”. He lives in England with his wife, Barbara Follett, a British M.P.

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Paper Money